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How to REFLECT Ourselves?

Everyone has one or multiple desires to reflect their personal or social life publicly.

The desire to reach out to the public might be good or bad and/or, intentional or unintentional. Also, People may wish to do it with a conscious mind or unconsciously.

When taking the side of the viewers, some people may take or read other’s information positively whereas the other may think the same message, negatively. This depends upon how we perceive the matters. Indeed, it will be based on our believe, thoughts and respect towards ourselves as well as others.

However, one thing is always true that the practice to see the self- reflection is always beneficial.

Just For an example:

Conversation 1:
A: How are you feeling in COVID?
B: COVID is terrible and yourself?
A: I am fine, thank you.

Conversation 2:
A: How are you feeling in COVID?
B: I am good. But, why did you ask me? Do you think I have COVID?
A: No no, this is simply a general question because whole year 2020; we are dealing with COVID. Take it easy, please.
B: Ya, you must have dealt with that. Mine is not your business.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about both types of CONVERSATION above by A & B?

C-1: A & B: Respectful and reflective conversations that open the further communication to each other.

C-2: Only B: Dis-respectful and arrogant conversations that close the further communication to each other.

When we are overwhelmed, we could be B too. Then, this is an important step to think our own well-beings and get consultation.

“A simple call or a question to ourselves may bring a change in our life”. Because self-reflective is a prime factor to start up the positivity which is indispensable in everyone’s personal as well as business life.

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I will assist you and also liaise to other right services as per your needs.

Thank you and Stay Safe.

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