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“Good News for International Students in Australia!”

Good News for International Students!

“International boarder opening for International Students in Australia”

Australia is ready to welcome International Students not only in Australia but also in the “Classroom, Campuses and the Communities” from 1 Dec 2021. (Source 2). As we know that International students play a vital role in Australian economy.

Australian Government has announced the re-opening of International Boarder since 1 Dec 2021 for International Students who are returning to Australia or new arrival for their study purpose in Australia. (Source 1).  For international in relation to visa categories, student’s information, “all participating students must hold a valid (subclass 500, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575) student visas. New students, returning students, student guardians and dependents can be included.”

There are few Preconditions protocols for International Students to travel to Australia and it may vary State to State as well. Such as Commonwealth Preconditions; Health Preconditions and Education Preconditions. (Sources: 1. and source 2.).

Why international students play a significance role in Australia is always interesting to know not only for the development of multicultural community but more importantly National economy growth boosting Australian jobs and even regional development. According to Australia Bureau of Statistic in relation to this matter, “international education income grew by $3.8 billion in the financial year to June 2018 to reach $31.9 billion.” Media realised published on 2 August 2018 (source 3).

JEDU’L Consulting provides educational consultation and counselling services of all kinds. It is established in NSW Australia. However, jEDU’L is ready to provide its services to via face to face, in telephone and also face to face in a prior booking arrangement.  If you are already in Australia and seeking to change courses or colleges or universities; or having any concerns of your situation and wellbeing, jEDU’L Consulting is for you for both Education consulting and Counselling and additional counselling services in relation to address any issues, concerns and needs. 

jEDU’L Consulting is ready to serve you to educate what these preconditions are and how you can make your plan to apply your student visa to study in Australia at this stage, and or how you can meet these preconditions if you are returning to Australia with your existing student visa.

jEDU’L Consulting is operating it’s services on online, in telephone and face to face. For face to face service, you are required to book it prior to attend the Office venue. We are located in L14/3 Parramatta Square, Parramatta NSW 2150.

Your privacy will be kept confidential. This is a professional service.

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