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Support & referral services

jEDU’L Consulting includes support services for their students and clients. Student and client may have numerous needs and problems which are beyond the boundaries of the consulting. In this matter, a student or a client will be provided additional opportunities to select the right services to meet their all needs or to address their problems. In this situation, jEDU’L Consulting will provide a continuous support by referring them to external services when required and monitoring their progress.

The main aims of referral service are to support client with many services and to help them to bring changes in their life.  When certain specific services are out of our service boundary, client will be referred to the other suitable essential. Counsellor tries to connect our client to these external services so that they choose a right path to achieve their goals of life without any hassle.

Support & referral services

Few support services are as below

jEDU’L Consulting is not service providers of the given list below. However, based on client’s needs, jEDU’L consulting will liaise with these service providers and will arrange a referral in order to support their client.  Any service provided by external provider for example, tax return, migration services and so on will have no control over them.

If you have any specific needs or concerns about any support services;  kindly click below a link of “contact us” or call at 0406 039 526 or email at for further support.

  • Tax Return Service: S&S Tax & Accounting Service
  • Migration Service: Migration Agent [MARN 0745526]
  • Accommodation
  • Tuition Protection Service
  • Centrelink
  • Lifeline supports
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Doctor visit
  • Special therapies and so on
  • Continuous supports based on the case.