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jEDU’L CONSULTING is a small business that provides Education Consulting and Counselling Services. Education Consulting Services include opportunities of studying in Australia for international and national students. They will be consulted to assess their applications, supported to find the suitable courses, schools, Colleges and Universities. The age group of the students for Vocational course to universities courses normally cover over 18. Students beyond the above of age group also have opportunities of studying in Australia.

In addition, International students who have School-age children associated with their Family dependent visa, they are required to manage custodian and also must enrol them in school for their education. jEDU’L will assist with all the necessary requirements. Thus, all students will be assisted in enrolling in the course, change the courses and change providers, and also provided a support services as per their needs

jEDU’L is an exclusive brand of comprising multiples aspects of a business is one that ultimately supports and assists varieties of clients, for instance, International and National Students; Individual and Business personnel who can learn, store and transfer their knowledge and skills in practical fields as per their choices. The areas of services cover informal education, formal education and building leadership at a personal and professional level. Similarly, it provides referral services in the allied businesses like accounting and migration services which are quite essential to international students and accounting for TAX Return purpose to all types of the working force in Australia.

In terms of counselling, jEDU’L provides various counselling services. A few of them are educational counselling, wellbeing support counselling, individual attribute counselling, group counselling and counselling for family concerns including the other opportunities for personal and professional development. Thus, jEDU’L is a unique platform to receive multiples services in one place.

Mission & Vision Statement

jEdu’L vision is to build an education agency brand that will become the number one choice for both individual and corporate clients in Australia. jEDU’L has visions that reflect the principles & values of “MAMIE”: Motivation, Accountability, Master-Mind, Integrity, and Empathy to achieve business professionalism, quality education in students, and leadership including to gain better life of public vai counseling and informal training services. It is believed that this provides an opportunity for our clients to know who they are and to achieve what they want and assist constantly to gain their motives of your life.

The mission of jEdu’L is to bring it as a leading business brand in Australia. The target is to achieve top 10 brands within 10 years of operations.

Goals & Objectives

Short Term
  • English courses
  • Various other College and Universities courses in Australia
  • Engage an Education Consultancy Services
  • Engage in Student Counselling to choose their right courses in right College and Universities
  • Enrolling them in the College or Universities
  • Supporting to change course or College or Universities
  • Arranging enrolment if International students have school-age children
  • Providing informal education for personal and professional leadership development services
  • Support services in Accounting and Migration and the other student support services as required.
  • Counselling services: This includes education counselling, Individual – wellbeing counselling, student counselling, Covid crisis counselling, group counselling and family & relationship concerns and counselling.
Long Term
  • A target to achieve amongst the top 10 educations and leadership consulting brands in Australia within the first 10 years of operations.
  • Strengthen the leadership quality for personal and economic development
  • jEdu’L will continue to provide quality educational products and additional counseling services in the future.
  • It will expand the business, will work collaborate with relevant agencies or /and Government, and commit to continuous improvement in order to improve these objectives.

Message From Founding Director

Dear Students, Clients and Stakeholders

I am pleased to welcome you to jEdu’L Consulting. jEdu’L Consulting Is progressed in to the next level with an additional generic counselling service. The education consulting services are focusing strategically on Education and Leadership Development in Australia. This also includes a generic counselling service that is applicable to people of all ages. The business also has a range of additional support services. You can get many services from one platform. jEdu’L is dedicated to delivering effective and quality services and products; and also committed to continuous improvement. This consulting will focus on innovative ideas based on market research and trends that enhance to meet client’s Educational and allied needs and satisfaction.

Recently, a new component of service is added as a value-added in this business. We are now able to provide generic counselling services to an individual and a group who have any sort of concerns or any anxiousness. “jEdu’L consulting cares it’s integrity, motivates everyone, follow the accountability, use the brain where to apply to improve the Education system and advise and show empathy to their clients and stakeholders in order to assist with their concerns, enquires, needs, issues and the problems and commit to continually supports to progress and well-being”.

Online via zoom or telephone service will be provided. No physical address is exist for business at this stage.

“Your satisfaction is jEDU’L business”.

Best Regards,
Janaki D Paudel
Founding Director/ Counsellor
QEAC N1090 Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

MACA 18980 Member of Australian Counselling Association

jEdu’L Consulting

Office: L14/3 Parramatta Square, 153 Macquarie Street Parramatta NSW 2150 has been taken off. No physical address will be provided unless otherwise, an agreement with a client.

M: 0422 837 072

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