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Education Consulting

Provide various services to support and assist students in their educational needs, desires, issues, and problems.


The answer of any concerns, anxiousness, worries, stress, problems, needs, or any desires to achieve a better life.

Support & Referral

Provide a continuous support by referring them to external services when required and monitoring their progress.


Improve personal, work, and leadership capabilities, informal education, and professional development.

Who We Are

JEDU’L CONSULTING is a unique platform of education consultation and counselling services including leadership and the other support services. JEDU’L consulting provides multiple services from a platform with a collaborative approach to an individual, group and the businesses. Assisting International students with their needs and problem and also providing counselling services to them and all the other people and businesses are our major focuses. jEDU’L consulting also provides informal education and training for personal and professional development which are actually an integral part of an achieving leadership level as well. In addition, jEDU’L also link to students or clients to the relevant needs of Tax return and migration services. jEDU’L has a mutual collaboration with the Authorized Agent in order to provide the other necessary services.

In relation to counselling service and supports, jEDU’L Consulting provides generic counselling services to students, families, business or anyone who is seeking a continuous support to achieve their dream to come true, to gain wellness, and for personal as well as professional development.

Therefore, JEDU’L is an exclusive brand of comprising multiples aspects of a business that ultimately supports and assists International and National Students including Individual and Businesses to learn, store and transfer their knowledge and skills in practical fields as per their choices in informal, formal education, counselling and leadership development.

Please contact us at, or or, or, call at 0422 837 072. Business location is changed to online service via Zoom and or telephone.  Your early booking is required.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: “Kindly, disregard the office address L14/3 Parramatta Square, Parramatta NSW 2150 mentioned in any video or any text in this website unless next update.”

Consulting & counselling service will be provided via Zoom or in telephone.

Why Choose Us

jEDU'L Consulting provides Education consultation and counselling services including others. This time, jEDU'L believes that we require counselling supports which play a significance role in our life. Everyone is under a sort of level of stress in our daily life. Counselling service is very helpful to gain wellness and build our capabilities. Similarly, education consultation is a great service focusing in International Students and their needs and interest to achieve a quality education in Australia. jEDU'L Consulting adopt and follow great principles of MAMIE: Motivation -Accountability- Master-mind (Excellence/Intelligence) - Integrity - Empathy. It focuses on people's needs and problems and try to provide a continuous supports. jEDU'L Consulting is ready to provide education consulting and counselling services many ways: In phone, zoom or face to face arrangement.


jEDU’L Consulting is here to motivate you and help to identify your motivational qualities and inspire you to use for self–help or for others.


jEDU’L Consulting is a unique platform for education consulting and counseling services including support services and the others.


Based on the time & source, jEDU’L will use the brain to work out constantly assisting clients' needs and problems.


At jEdu’L consulting truthfulness, uprightness, and reliability are the major characteristics of this business. Their culture will be protected.


Provide empathy towards students, clients, stakeholders in order to assist with their concerns, inquiries, needs, issues, and the problems.

Professional Services

jEdu’L is dedicated to delivering quality, and professional services and is also committed to continuous improvement.

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Clients Testimonial

In the beginning, when jEdu’L Contacted me, I offered how I may help. After the mutual agreement between jEdu’L and our businesses, I actually realized how we have been offered by jEDu’L. jEdu’L Consulting services are beneficial for both our students and staff.


I, an International Student always look for more opportunities. The day I visited, I found so many useful information as all in one stop and certainly, I can be benefited for my personal, educational and professional development.


I have worked with JD Paudel over the last few months on business structuring and in developing a customer-focused offering for mature students. She has a great understanding of the requirements in this specialized sector of assisting local and foreign students to further their education and professional development.

Richard Houwing

Business Connect Advisor

I found jEdu’L Consulting is professional, sincere, and ethical from day one in dealing with the business matter to design and create a precise, friendly and useful online information platform


JEDU’L CONSULTING is a one-stop unique platform of education, leadership services, and professional development providing reliable, and friendly service.