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Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection

  • As mentioned in Terms and Conditions, visiting our website does not mean sharing your any kind of personal information.
  • We will not collect and store your personal information unless you contact us or send any enquires or complete any online form. The forms itself illustrate the purpose of the collection of your personal information. And, contacting us by using online forms is agreeing us to provide your personal information. Your privacy information will be collected as per Australia Privacy Principe -APP 5 — “Notification of the collection of personal information” of the Privacy Act 1988.
  • In relation to storing information, we will not store information online;  but we will maintain a  record keeping file and  will use them for the purpose of customer’s needs and to provide better service to them.   
  • jEDU’L Consulting will  store customer’s information confidential
  • In consulting & counselling services; we will have a mutual agreement a prior to begin an actual session.
  • Contacting us vai online forms is providing consent to collect private information. Once received they will be collected, store and kept confidential. However, in certain situation, the information may be shared or disclose to other parties only for the benefit of customer as well as when necessary to contact  or provide  your information to your family members, health professional or any social welfare services only for the purpose of further supporting you. We follow (Privacy Act 1988 – Australian Privacy Principle- Standard 6 — “Use or disclosure of personal information”.  
  • In case of Mandatory reporting system; we follow Government’s Guidelines.
  • jEDU’L Consulting will require to collect a signed “Confidentiality and Consent” FORM as a mandatory process a prior to commence the counselling session. This ensures customer’s privacy protection and also allows us to support them seeking or connecting through internal and external services including their safety to protect if any case identified  at risk or any risk at under 18 years old.
  • In case of overseas client who is contacting us vai online forms or any information provided out there; we are also required to communicate within each other in relation to our services. We follow Privacy Act 1988 of the APP 8 — Cross-border disclosure of personal information to ensure your privacy.
  • With a prior consent, the information may be used in case of connecting clients to the external services with a good aim to support clients.
  • When anyone use the information from website and misuse them, you will be liable for it.
  • If anyone contacts us online; it means they agree to provide their name, phone; email and their general concerns. 
  • Our website  will NOT collect your IP Address; or any physical address or any personal details by visiting only.
  • Your feedback is appreciated for our service improvement and research purpose.
  • You can send your feedback vai

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