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What is Education Service?

Education service is a professional service that includes a consultation or discussion about the student’s needs and interest to study in Australian Colleges and Universities. This will be provided for both onshore and offshore students. School children of international students will also be supported to enroll in school in Australia.

Who are your potential clients?

The primary focus is for International students of age from 18 to 30 over.

If any school age children are accommodated with international student in Australia, they are also required to be enrolled in School in Australia. The custodian requirements should be arranged for any international student who is under 18 years old.   They will be assisted in that matter as well.

Which country is a target country for international student?

For offshore application, Nepal is a priority country at this stage. Nepal is third largest country contributing in Australian economy from the sector of education industry. International students who are already in Australia (Onshore)  from any country can reach out at us to seek education consulting and counselling services.

What language will be used to provide services to students if they are limited English speaking or no English?

It can be believed that international students will have at least competent level of English because English is a strong requirement of international students to study in Australia. Also, they have to provide English test evidence to Immigration prior to apply visa. However, as English is a secondary language for international students, it can be assumed that some students may have limited English. In Australia there are numerous English learning centre including the support services in the education institutions.  They will be assisted to find the best solution to improve their English language.

In case of counselling service, not only student, each individual of any English speaking or Non-English speaking background can also seek our service. So, the major language of our service is English. However, in case of a language barrier, they will be assisted with the help of Translator and Interpreter.

If a counsellor is multilanguistic and can speak client’s mother language; and a client also finds confortable to have a conversation with counsellor in their own language; that can be established based on a client choice? But, It depends upon case to case.

What courses are available?

There are many courses available with us right from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, Master and also higher research degree in many subjects of studies. There are number of courses available in various levels; such as Accounting, Business, Blockchain, Commercial Cookery; English, Entrepreneurship, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, Leadership and Management; Management only, Music and Entertainment, Nursing and so on. We will help them to take a right decision based on their interest and the enrolment requirements.

How much fee is for a session of education consulting?

At this stage, there is no fee for education consulting for a first visit for international student. If student requires more sessions of consultation and also if they are required additional service which is paid-type, then, cost may apply.

Student counselling is different than consulting service. So, if student is required a counselling service, there will be fee. Because, counselling is a case management service and it will continue until both party exits from the case.

Can I change courses and colleges?

Yes, you can; but you need to meet ASQA requirements and student visa condition requirements. We can assist you with that matter to check your eligibilities; to find courses and the providers as well.

Do you have online services to apply student application?

Yes, once we make an agreement; then, you will be guided how to apply online. 

Can I bring my friends together education consulting service?

Yes, you can but for face to face, booking is required. If online session is organised by us or if any student requests us to be in a group, yes, they can. 

In case of student fee; do we need to pay to you or in college?

You are required to pay tuition fees and the other enrolment fee to your College or University where you are going to enrol. You can get all information about it from us and in your offer letter and COE provided by your College or University. We will assist you in this matter.

I am international student studying in Australia. I feel sort of stress, anxiety? or kind of “I do not know what is happening around me”- so, I am being unable to meet attendance and course progress. How can you help me if I have different problem than educational matters?

Off course! International students will have to face various challenges in their student life. That’s way, we have add up the counselling service which will assist students not only in educational needs but also all the others issues, and problems that they are facing. In those cases, we will support them continually with professional counselling services and assist them to get through a right path to bring changes and to get the better life.

Where can I contact if I need Education Consultation in jEDU’L consulting?
  • Absolutely, you can reach at us by:
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