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Leadership Development

Leadership development and support is another component of jEDUL Consulting services. This component has been developed for the purpose of delivering additional topics for an individual, students, businesses and the community in order to provide an additional opportunity to gain informal knowledge and skills which are required in their personal or workplace or professional life.

This service is an informal education service in which an individual, students, businesses or any stakeholders or the community can participate in short duration Training course online or face to face once COVID restrictions is edged. This could be an individual or in a group. jEDU’L will produces ranges of training materials and the event calendar as well. Then, the interested one can participate.
JEDU’L will particularly, work in boosting decision power of an individual, a group, an Organisation and Business to get in to right place of freedom of choice to meet their objectives of good causes.

 The objectives of this service are:

  • To create an opportunities to learn & gain satisfaction in personal and professional development
  • To help to make them feel of “Be Your Own Leader” – This means building confident.
  • Be a Leader on what you learn and experiences
  • Improve personal, work and leadership capabilities
Leadership Development

Leadership Development Training Videos

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