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Energy & Mindfulness

“Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens.” By Greater Good Magazine

In simple words, mindfulness is being at presence. To be at presence, people should know where their mind is travelling; what energy is being generated at that moment and are they useful, or pleasant? Are they gaining peace of mind and joy and satisfaction or vice versa?  So, mindfulness is a result of quality of energy generated by our body and mind. The compatibility of mind and body, in another word is a useful energy or positive energy which is a representation of mindfulness. People knowingly or unknowingly lose or destroy or waste their energy and invite unrest in their life.  Mindfulness practice is the one which can help to recognise qualities of energy. It is a   result of a combination of our memories, causes and consequences.

In simple formula,

Energy = Memory * Cause * Consequence

“Energy is a multiplication of the memory, the cause and consequence.” 

While implication of Albert Einstein’s a powerful equation


Where, E= Energy; M= Mass and C= Speed of Lights  

“If our body is M= Mass and C= speeds of lights around us

Then, when there is force take place, we produce Kinetic energy which makes us moving, physically.   The same way, we can apply E-MC2 in to the energy of our body and mind   which is produced by the memories of causes and consequences.

Here, the causes and consequences can be assumed as speeds of lights which circulate or wave or move around us internally and externally with low to high force resulting the kinetic energy to make us enable or unable to function right way.

Thus, if we memorise a good things, we assume that positive waves of lights or rays of lights will be moving around and vice versa.  

“Energy is a multiplication of the memory, the cause and consequence.” 

People may or may not realise or may not aware about their own presence situation because of many reasons. They may not be aware about their physical and emotional conflicts within themselves. Or, they may be unconscious about the causes of their pleasant and unpleasant situations. Because of lack of focus in themselves, they quickly become diverted in to the other matters and also may become judgemental or express judgemental reaction in any circumstance; consequently; the reaction may appear as self-harming or may impact themselves or to others too.

People may not realise the real reasons of unpleasant or even the actual reasons of pleasant too. Because people are being busy in these days and have no enough time to think and rethink on what they do and say.  Instead, due to lack of self-focus, people do not prioritize on how the level of stresses and unpleasant can be reduced or avid. That’s way people are losing to gain a happiness, peace of mind and pleasant moments in life which are indeed, decisive in everyone life.

This is why mindfulness is incredibly useful practice to retain all losses of happiness, peace of mind, pleasant moment, feeling, and hope of dreams, emotional satisfaction and many more. In mindfulness practice, I works like E=MC2.

This formula illustrates like below:

  • E= Energy; Whereas,
  • M= Memories; C= Causes and C= Consequences

While implication of Albert Einstein’s a powerful equation- E=MC2

Where,  E= Energy; M= Mass/object and C= Speeds of Lights

Memories are feeling and thoughts of past experiences which are completely intangible like the waves or movements of energy in form of lights. Memories have been generated or developed where causes and consequences of past experiences or any incident are.

Cause and consequence on the other hand, occur in presence and people may expect the occurrence causes and consequences of any event, or act in future too. Causes and consequences and touchable or non-physical or emotional only.  Thus, they can be both tangible and intangible.

Energy indeed, is a product of causes and consequence of any act which could be emotional or physical or both at a time. Energy represents in strength, motivation, discipline, skills, knowledge, motives, desires, future dream which are called positive energy and that is useful and actually they can play significant role in everyone’s life.

On the other hand, people generate negative that is harmful or unpleasant energy as well. Such as, aggression, unhealthy competition, frustration, unpleasant moment, bad experiences, low wisdom and feelings, painful thoughts, hurting self and other, bad intention, enjoying being enemy or giving trouble to other; and difficulties in life or victim of self-inferiority or superiority complexes  and could be many more.

These negative energies should be reduced to gain the positivity in life and therefore, understanding about mindfulness and do practices will bring real life back.  It is equally significant to understand the qualities of energy produce from our body and mind regularly and in various occasions which lead us in to the practical life. Those energies make us travelling to our past and future keeping us away from the presence situation. Being in presence is the most important step in our life.

Thus, mindfulness practice is the one which is very helpful to know self, to bring our attention back to the presence and gain peace of mind and pleasant. It is also important to know about mindfulness practice that it is not just a meditation.

Thank you for reading!

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