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Counselling Services

Counselling service is a solution to find the life matching answer of any concerns, anxiousness, worries, stress, problems, needs or any desires to achieve the better life. Client of any age can attend counselling service. For those who are age under 18, client should be attending with custodian one. If they wish to attend counselling service themselves, counsellor will process the necessary actions to support that young under 18 years old.  Students and their family and any individual can attend the counselling service.

Counselling is a professional service in which there will be a trustful relationship between a counsellor and a client.  A client can fully trust a counsellor to share their any kinds of concerns, thoughts, ideas, issues, experiences, stories, needs or desires, doubt, worries and problems of their personal and professional life experiences. Client’s personal information will be kept confidential.

For everyone, it will not be easy to share their own matters to someone else. This is way a counselling service and a counsellor can encourage and motivate with professional techniques like reframing, empathy, scaling, screening, person centric, solution – focused, psych-synthesis, metaphor and also they use psychological theories in the process of counselling such as Maslow’s priority hierarchical theory and so on.    

In addition, getting to the agreement with a client to process the counselling session is a mandatory part of this service.  This allows counsellor to ensure an absolute confidentiality and at certain circumstance, counsellor can share client’s personal information to the Authority with or without consent.     

In this service, it is important to understand what a trustful relationship is. This does not include having a personal relationship between a counsellor and a client such as having tea or coffee or any lunch, dinner or joyful meeting and any recreational activities within and also out of the service boundary.

A client may expect a companionship of a counsellor being a good friend or a client can develop an emotional attachment with a counsellor because of the impression of their service and a good behaviour and a continuous support.

However, a client should be educated that those services are the part of counselling roles and duties and they are very professional and not to expect to create a personal or physical boding between them.

In general, Counsellor will do these roles:

  • Building a professional relationship between a counsellor and a client.
  • Maintaining a confidential and consent between them
  • Educating client about absolute confidentiality and also the mandatory reporting situations.
  • Educate client what counselling service is and what not.
  • Motivating to scrap the hidden facts which could be leading the quality of life of a client towards the worst
  • Identifying the all issues and needs of a client
  • Motivate client to utilise their strength, skills and ability
  • Prepare a plan to provide appropriate supports
  • Apply counselling theories and therapies during the process as appropriate
  • Work liaising with various stakeholders and do referral as required
  • Monitor and follow up the client’s case and ensure that there is a progress in their life.
  • Maintain record and the privacy.

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