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Crisis Counselling – A brief awareness only

Crisis Counselling Part I

This video presents about the meaning of crisis and the interventions frameworks. It includes Crisis interventions developed by few Psychologists including the frameworks of Aus. Gov. Dept. of Health and the lifeline in relation to suicide prevention. The purpose of this video is to aware you about crisis situation and motivate to seek help. Helps… Continue reading Crisis Counselling Part I

Wishing you “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022”

Let’s hope this festive season will bring all our project plans and the dreams true and we will be FREE from COVID -19 impacts and will be more enthusiastic towards our future ahead. Stay safe and enjoy this festive season! Christmas Closure Notice. Best Regards, Janaki Paudel, jEDU’L Consulting Email us at: or click… Continue reading Wishing you “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022”

“Good News for International Students in Australia!”

Good News for International Students! “International boarder opening for International Students in Australia” Australia is ready to welcome International Students not only in Australia but also in the “Classroom, Campuses and the Communities” from 1 Dec 2021. (Source 2). As we know that International students play a vital role in Australian economy. Australian Government has… Continue reading “Good News for International Students in Australia!”

Energy & Mindfulness

“Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens.” –By Greater Good Magazine In simple words, mindfulness is being at presence. To be at presence, people should know where their mind is travelling; what energy is being generated at that moment and are they useful,… Continue reading Energy & Mindfulness

jEDU’L Consulting – An Education Consulting -Courses Promotion Video

Education Consulting- Counselor. Interested to studying in Australia or change course or find new one.

An introduction of jEDU’L Consulting

All your needs of studying in Australia and if you are having any issues or concerns.

Mindfulness – Be at Presence

Mindfulness, peacefulness, connect to your soul, be in presence

Moving forward with and beyond covid-19

What is COVID-19? Where was the origin of COVID-19? How many COVID-cases have been identified around the globe?

Why Blockchain is in demand?

Blockchain is a very exciting “Information Technology” course which is being popular in this modern age.